Tag: 30 november 2019

Victorian Street Fair Program 30 November 2019

Just turn up at the Victorian Street Fair in Whitehead on Saturday, 30 November 2019. It is totally free to attend. You don’t need any tickets, just arrive and enjoy yourself. Try wearing a Victorian costume to fully join in the fun. The Action Cancer shop in Carrickfergus often carries a range of Victorian type outfits. The programme is shown below. If it is too small to read, try printing it out. Alternatively, (in Windows) right click on the picture and choose the option “open image in a new tab”. Click on the tab and the picture will be shown larger. If you need to print it out, then right click in the area AROUND the image (not the image itself) and choose the option “Print”. There are also printed copies of the programme in shops all over Whitehead.