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Train Rides For Victorian Street Fair 30 November 2019

As  part of the Whitehead Victorian Street Fair on Saturday 30 November 2019, there will be train rides within the premises at Whitehead Excursion Station, with the chance for visitors to enjoy the unique steam experience. Train rides will be run between 12 to 4pm, every 15 minutes or so. Suitable for children of all ages! Cost: Adult £2.50, Child £2.

Visitors will be able to see at close hand how the magnificent steam locomotive works. You will be able to talk to the Driver and Fireman and to see the footplate.

There is also an additional option to enjoy a visit to our Edwardian Tea Room, or explore the Whitehead Railway Museum and discover the secrets of the RPSI’s 100-year-old Midland Railway buildings, together with the more recent additions.

Here is a video taken a few years ago at an open day at the RPSI.